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Monday, November 28, 2011

Silvia Stagg News Alerts - Black Ops Tech Victim - Witness Info

Silvia Stagg shared a link  From Facebook and Buzzfeed.

Barack Obama And David Cameron Kissing

Above: Photograph of Barack Obama and David Cameron Kissing

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Source: gusto1.com


Above: Barack Obama and Michele Obama Kissing Note-Notice Hair Strands at forehead on both photos (above - below).

Note: Strands of Hair Left In Both Photographs (The issue of 'Why' the above 'Photograph with David Cameron' Pertains To Barack Obama's Black Ops Technology Rape Abuses which are well known worldwide and have been Repeatedly Complained of by Silvia Stagg, National Security Victim Witness -US Presidential Candidate)

Below: Barack Obama And David Cameron Kissing with wife Michele Obama and Ophra Winfrey in background.

Barack Obama And David Cameron Kissing: Awkward silence.....
Silvia Stagg   From Facebook
  • March 22-2012 World Audience: This Public Rape Kiss by Barack Obama with David Cameron of England further confirms the allegations made in the many well known affidavits of Silvia Stagg National Security Victim Witness - US Presidential Candidate that Barack Obama is a Black Ops Technology Rapist of the Worlds' Population (while denying us life extension healings) and that Barack Obama Torture Rapes with Technology Alternation his victims who are Men-Women-Children. Contact/Send US Senator John Cornyn (US Senate Judiciary) any Photographs/Videos of any of these "TROPHY MEN" or women, children who are raped by Barack Obama or any government personnel. Thank you for your public service! We must be ever vigilant to protect Proper Public Demeanor/Private And Public Behavior of Our Elected Officials-Government-Society. Silvia Stagg http://speechesbysilviastagg.blogspot.com/ and https://sites.google.com/site/silviastaggforpresident
Public Notice: There are many well known complaints filed by Silvia Stagg (RE: Barack Obama since early January 2008) and others (since 1994) with the US Congress-US DOJ-US Attorney regarding Black Ops Technology Stalking-Harassment-Torture-Rape-Murder-Sedition and of Tortured Rape with Manipulation to the Victims including members of our esteemed US Congress -US Government - Government Personnel Worldwide and Nationwide - World Population.
Supporting Affidavits are needed and most welcome should you or anyone be a victim of Black Ops Technology torture-mind truns-rape-murder.  Black Ops Tech Stalking-Harassment-Endangerment is considered Torture. With Complaining Affidavit(s) and any Exhibits (Keep Originals) you should Contact:

1) United States Attorney (USA)
    555 4th Street North West
    Washington D.C. 20530
    Fax: 1/202-307-3569

2) US Senate Judiciary Member
    Senator John Cornyn (From Texas)
    517 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington-D.C. 20510
    Main Tel: 1/101-224-2934
    Fax: 1/202-228-2856

3) US Senate Select Committee on Ethics
    Senator Barbara (From California)
    112th Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Tel: 1/202-224-3553
    Web Form:boxer.senate.gov/en/contact

4) US Senate Select Committee on Ethics
    220 Hart Building US Senate
    Washington D.C. 20510
    Tel: 1/202-224-2981 
    Fax: 1/202-224-7416
    TDD: 1/202-228-3752
    Chairwoman: Senator Barbara Boxer 
    Vice Chairman: Senator Johnny Isakson  

5) House Committee on Ethics Ranking Member
    House Representative Linda Sanchez (from California)
    2423 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Tel: 1/202-225-6676
    Fax: 1/202-226-1012
        Web: http://ethics.house.gov/about/committee-members

6) House Committee On Ethics
    1015 Longworth House Office Building (LHOB)
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Tel: 1/202-225-7103
    Fax: 1/202-225-7392
    Office hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Ranking Member: Linda Sanchez

7) US Department of Justice Attorney General
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, North West
    Washington D.C. 20530-0001
    US DOJ Main Tel: 1/202-514-2000
    FAX: 1/202-307-6777
8) United States Department of Justice (US DOJ)
    Office of Justice Programs
    Office For Victims of Crime
    Attention: Director
    Washington, D.C. 20531

9) Your Local Congressional Representative:
    United State House of Representatives
    112th Congress, 1st Session
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Tel: 1/202-224-3121
    TTY: 202-225-1904

10) Senator Marco Rubio
      317 Hart Senate Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20510
      Tel: 202/224-3041
      Fax: 202/228-0285

11) 112TH US Congress
      House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515 
      House  Representative Darrell E. Issa
      Direct Telephone: 202-225-3906

The foregoing and good government wants to know about it! - it is a criminal offense which mandates for the Black Ops Tech Offender:

The Death Penalty - No Eternal Life - No Life Extension - No Healing to Criminally Violate a person via Black Ops Technology who may may utilize-perpetrate: Illegal Brain Tap-Time Clock Inclusion Access-Feed-Manipulation or Amplification of the Mind (also know as: Externalized Thought), or Amplification of the Environment or Crack Head, or Body Alteration or Mind Turn or Harmful Genetic Alteration or Physiological Alteration, Conceptual-Thought-Feeling-Emotional-Behavioral Inserts  (or Stalking-Harassment-Rape-Torture-Murder-Mass Murder-Terrorism-Sedition) via Technology, and so forth, whatever named.   

National Security - Interest of Justice Cases Given Due Regard.

My Worldwide Black Ops Case is/has been filed with the foregoing locations since December 1994 (when I thought it was a simple stalking-harassment-illegal wire tap/wire interception-break-in-entry w/key, etc. case!) and to date. 

See the Two Page US DOJ Referral-Response Letter to Silvia Stagg dated April 1999 (regarding Stalking-Harassment etc.). Said Letter is located at google+silviastagg, and you may use it to file your complaint to access our centralized US Attorney-Washington D.C.

You may need to file under my original case which is alright.  My case Includes All Black Ops Technology Offense Cases!  It is often difficult if not impossible to obtain a US DOJ referral Letter during overt Black Ops Technology Sedition.
You can also post your Affidavits-Photographs-Videos-Tape Recordings on the Internet ( i.e.: Facebook and/or Google+YourName) and contact/send myself with same.

Only by voicing your strong objections do we change injustices!

Thank you for your support in helping me and others fight against heinous and lethal and at the very least irrevocably harmful Black Ops Technology Abuses!

Silvia Stagg
Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee

Silvia Stagg's Current Emails:


Below, Proposed Form Affidavit For Simple Cases. You May Omit Recipients' Name To Broaden Usage of Letter-Affidavit.

Affidavit By: __________________________________________

To Whom It May Concern

I, ____________________________ (Your Full Name) a US Citizen-US Resident-US Legal Immigrant (Circle Status) being of sound mind, offer this Good Faith-Interest of Justice Affidavit.

Kindly disconnect me from any and all Illegal Brain Tap - Time Clock Inclusion Feed to/from myself to/from all persons.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, I have sustained some bodily damage and/or alteration to my person, for which I respectfully request be undone be healed, my body healed and my true self-true person-true personality-true self and all of my cognitive functions be RESTORED  without disability.

I request a Life Extension Healing as per my Legal Status.

Respectfully Sworn To And Submitted,


Name (include Maiden name): __________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Sworn To Before Notary Public This __ Day of __ Month 2012

Notary Public:

Sworn To Before Me This _______ Day of _______ 20____

Notary Public Signature


June 16-2012
Facebook Feed

  • No more blood, no more weapons to kill innocent

  • 120 Congressmen have now signed a letter of no confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder. LIKE if you agree with the Congressmen and think the Attorney General should go!
  • ‎120 Congressmen have now signed a letter of no confidence in Attorney General E...
    · · · 14 hours ago ·

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      • Silvia Stagg June 16-2012 Dear Readers: The Impeachment Requirement for Cabinet Members Is Not Lawful as these are not Elected Persons! The US Senate Judiciary Committee has the authority as the most powerful 'Government Oversight Committee' to Remove USAG Eric Holder from Office or Refer his Case to An Independent Counsel for Investigation and if necessary to an Independent Prosecutor. My US Attorney Kenneth Weinstein was forced to 'Retire.' It was my case (after contacting RNC & DNC) which broke the story on the US Attorney Firings, and lead to the US Senate Judiciary Investigating and Referring former USAG Alberto Gonzalez Case to an Independent Counsel. Had USAG Gonzalez failed to resign, his case would have been referred to an Independent Prosecutor for Prosecution. It was on or about July 26-2007, one day before my birthday, when the US Senate Judiciary Member Senator Arlen Spector from Pennsylvania announced the referral of the USAG Alberto Gonzalez case to an Independent Counsel for Investigation, etc. Most cases handled by the esteemed US Attorneys are government corruption cases! Therefore, do whatever you can to support and assist our fine US Attorneys and US Department of Justice personnel. Unfortunately, since we are engaged In Black Ops Tech Sedition, Seditionary Cabinet Members such as USAG Eric Holder, a black ops tech offender, are given much too much protection by our members of Congress and the US President Dictator. This is due to black ops tech 'Influence Peddling' whereby participants (US Government Hierarchy and the Black Ops Murderous Rapist Hoares of Worlds' Film Industry and the Social-Government Elite who actually hate life extension for the masses!) play with dangerous and emasculating concepts-feelings-emotions (frantic sweet surrender love-humble love-astounding love-exquisite joy) and destruction of their personalities via black ops tech ensues (they become rape junkies). And this practice continues as they and everyone else on planet earth suffers and dies down while the powerful devise new torturous scenarios to entertainment their sadistically depraved lustful personalities, as we the huddled masses cry for mercy! We live in times that try men's souls. Pray to God. Be Good To Yourselves and Those You Love. In the meantime, Vote For Mitt Romney for One Term to get away from Barack Obama. Vote out the Older members of Congress. And ALWAYS Support and Vote for Silvia Stagg, A Good Gnome Individual, National Security Victim Witness turned US Presidential Candidate 2012-2028 as Republican-Democratic-Write In Candidate until we get to the White House and free ourselves! Please Keep This Detailed Explanation for future reference. I am not always available to write to you or anyone. Most Sincerely, Your Friend, Silvia Stagg https://sites.google.com/site/silviastaggforpresident and http://speechesbysilviastagg.blogspot.com/
        p25-1130uscensus.gov.pdf »                 

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silvia Stagg News Alerts - Free Speech - Legislation - Entitlements

to houselive

October 15-2012

To: Esteemed Members of US Congress

From: Silvia Stagg, The Last Good Gnome Individual On Earth, National Security Victim Witness, US Presidential Candidate Filed as Democratic US Presidential Candidate 2015-2016 National Primaries - General Elections

Dearest Members of Congress:

Allow me to join you in memory regarding the loss of our Beloved Senator Arlen Spector from Pennsylavania who championed Good Moral and Lawful Behavior from our Government Personnel including members of our US Congress, in his efforts to retain and restore truth justice and liberty to our United States of America in times of Black Ops Technology Induced Sedition. This great friend of ours and mine assisted in the removal of former USAG Albert Gonzales during the Administration of former President George W. Bush, and along with the RNC Chair and DNC Chair, Senator John Thune and myself, Senator Arlen Spector added his voice along with Senator Barbara Boxer and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren in the Removal of former Congressman Trent Lott and Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin from their respective offices for severe ethics violations leading to Seditionary Activities.  Additionally, upon leaving his tenure at the US Congress, our dear Senator Arlen Spector added his kind, gently and loving support as my national security monitor and often when necessary pled daily for my life and limb and for the life and limb of Senator John Thune and my current Black Ops Husband Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Needless to say, for many reasons we all shall remember Senator Arlen Spector as a great man who pled for moral justice in our hearts to guide us amongst the good and the cruel during times which try mens' souls.  Yesturday, I lost one of my best friends, 'a good Government Dad' as we say.  Our Dear Senator Arlen Spector will be missed.  Hopefully, someday he will return to us to continue our journey through eternal life.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Silvia Stagg
A Good Gnome Individual
National Security Victim Witness
US Presidential Candidate

email: silviastaggforpresident@gmail.com

FEB 10-2012

Legal Opinion of Silvia Stagg 

Regarding Insurance Provided For Employees
Of Religious Organizations For Contraception

Silvia Stagg, Filed as a Republican-Independent-Democratic Candidate with the FEC/Federal Election Commission and US Office of Government Ethics Fully endorses Full Payment For SAFE Methods of Contraception To Be Included In All Medical-Health Insurance Programs such as Contraceptive Pills-Diaphragm-IUD/Intra Uturum Device-Topical Jell(s).

All of the foregoing Contraceptive Methods ensure Constitutional Rights for our US Citizenry and All women worldwide as we must lead and not follow into the future!  We must remember the US Supreme Court Ruling of 'Separation Between/Of Church and State.'  Employment and Employment Related Issues (Including Insurance) are Issues of 'State' Not of  'Church.'  

Furthermore, All Safe Methods of Contraception (Including Non ejaculation of male sperm into the female at moment of male orgasm) actually prevents Abortion which is one of the most unwanted problems of modern day women.

Modern Day Man must acknowledge and take responsibility that modern day women are forced to satisfy their Adult Partners and Spouses.  And they must be provided with safe alternatives to forced pregnancy, while loving men and women enjoy and are nourished with a healthy, loving and fulfilling sexual relationship which maintains their relationship and family for as long as humanly possible.  Since Our White Christian European Descent Society has matured to consider 'Quality of Life' issues and not only 'Socioeconomic Survival' Issues while we progress into the future.  Lest we become the tragic 'Oh Brave New World!'  Too Frighten to struggle to stabalize, enhance and prolong our most intimate socioeconomic relationships and infrastructure.

This is especially necessary as we progress into Infinite Life Extension with Silvia Stagg's Presidential Candidacy much better received by our esteemed Rick Santorum, the likely Republican Presidential Nominee and next US President!

It is the opinion and belief of Silvia Stagg, that our Holy Catholic Father of the Vatican, Rome-Italy "supports the usage of technology to prolong or sustain life into Infinte Life Extension."

Silvia Stagg further asserts, that by using advanced technology to better, enhance, prolong, sustain or maintain life, especially human life, we are also fully in accord with the 'Intent' of our US Constitution. And fully in accord with the wishes of our Founding Fathers and Mothers, who created this great country for the Betterment, Defense and Posterity of the White Christian European Descent Race.

And God Willing, upon achieving the US Presidency, Silvia Stagg, either as Republican or Democrat, shall utilize our advanced technology for goodness sake, disseminating Life Extension, and other purposes. 

Another example, in this Contraception-Abortion Issue related public debate, the use of Teletransportation (a Black Ops Technology) may be used to gently remove an unwanted child from the womb of its mother and insert said unwanted child into another wanting mother's womb.  Thereby, resolving the need/desire for abortion!  Additionally, allowing the 'State' to fully effectuate its 'Constitutional Mandate to provide legal advocacy' to all/both parties at interest/at issue, 'especially the helpless and most vulnerable in our society.'  And this is the appropriate usage of our US Constitutional problem solving.

End of Press Release

Thank you, 
Silvia Stagg


March 6-2012

Legal Opinion of Silvia Stagg

I proudly support the decision made by our United States Senate  'Not To Vote'for the Blunt Amendment Bill (S. 1467), on Thursday March 1-2012.  Please take notice, the Blunt Amendment was referred to Senate Committee. Status: Read Twice and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. 'Vote.' A similar 'Respect for Rights of Conscience Act' (H.R. 1179) was offered by House Representative Jeff Fortenberry.  On March 28-2011 H.R. 1179 was referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Health and is still pending.  To keep abreast of all US Congressional Legislation, via Internet go to: http://www.thomas.gov/ 

Silvia Stagg
US Presidential Candidate


March 1-2012

Legal Opinion of Silvia Stagg

TODAY 'The Blunt Amendment' Is Being Argued-If Passed Millions of Women And Other Persons Lose Their Rights To Medical-Health Care Of Their Choice!

Silvia Stagg Joins Her Democratic Friends
Oppossing the Blunt Amendment 

Re: Contraception Issue Discussed In Facebook 

Silvia Stagg

March 1-2012

Dear Readers: Women have a right to protect themselves, their bodies, minds and souls.  We as human beings must cease taking away the personal rights of women. We are talking about civil and human rights of women, men and children and their relationships and their lives. Contraception prevents abortion. Those who seek to prevent health and safety standards, civil and human rights should be prosecuted. We have in the United States a 'Separation of Church and State,' and the Catholic Church keeps violating this edict. They need to cease or lose their Religious Organization 'Tax Exemption' for being Political Lobbyists (with non constitutional reasoning). God Bless America!

    • Silvia Stagg March 1-2012 Dear Readers: Women have a right to protect themselves, their bodies, minds and souls. We as human beings must cease taking away the personal rights of women. We are talking about civil and human rights of women, men and children and their relationships and their lives. Contraception prevents abortion. Those who seek to prevent health and safety standards, civil and human rights should be prosecuted. We have in the United States, a Separation of Church and State, and the Catholic Church keeps violating this edict. They need to cease or lose their Tax Exemption for being Political Lobbyists. God Bless America. Silvia Stagg http://speechesbysilviastagg.blogspot.com/


Reprinted as a Puiblic Service

October 2011

Article From AARP/American Association For Retired Persons

Amid Deficit Cutting, Food Security Is At Stake

While Congresss focuses on budget cuts, AARP is calling for re-authorization of the Older Americans Act, which provides nutrition, home-based care and social services for adults 60 and older. Technically, the law expired earlier this year, but it was funded by a series of stopgap measures. The program has had bipartisan support since 1965, when it was created along with Medicare and Medicaid. But Funding is now an issue. Local food providers such as Meals on Wheels say the recession has increased the need but squeezed the government's capactiy to pay for it.  Advocates for the program say it can actually be a cost saver, when the difference between keeping a frail older person in his or her home is compared withthe cost in an assisted living facility. "Food security among seniors is a moral issue and a financial issue," Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent-Vermont, said at a recent Senate Hearing. "Investing in senior nutrition...saves money for the government because when we do that, we make sure that our seniors have adequate nutrition and are nt going to end up in the emergency room." Preserving the $2 Billion program will require lawmakers to find comparable cuts in the domestic budget. AARP, in testimony to Sanders' Subcommittee, said that 5 Million older Adults, or about 11.4 percent of all Aans 60-plus, experienced some kind of food security between 2001 and 2005. Further, state funding for those progrmas has not kept pace with the growing demand for meals. "As the need for services increases, particularly given the economic situation, the resources available aer becoming more scarce," said David Certner, AARP's legislative director. "The [Older Americans] Act provides important help to some of our most vulnerable low-income seniors, and it is important that they be protected."

END of Article 



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